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From: kathie weber
Date: 2001-06-13 09:58:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Teddy Bear Had Surgery

--- tikkimite@a... wrote:
> Teddy Bear, whom I wrote about with the bladder
> infections, had
> surgery today. I'm extremely worried about him.
> Suregey went very
> well and he came out of anistetic just fine and was
> getting around
> eating, drinking just fine. Mid afternoon he
> started passing very
> watery stools with some blood in them. My vet
> watched him and he
> continued to eat and drink but wastn't as active.
> She didn't think
> there was anything to worry about and let him come
> home so I would be
> around to keep an eye on him. She told me what to
> watch for but I'm
> worried. She thinks it is due to all of the stress
> he has been
> through. He is passing a little more blood and some
> mucous. He is
> drinking and I can get him to eat some. He moves
> around enough to
> drink and go potty. He's pretty punk though.
> His left adrenal was "popped right out" Protate was
> swollen also.
> At this point I'm not sure he will make it through
> the night. I
> realize this is choppy as I'm trying to cram it all
> together in as
> short a post as possible. He has been given fluids
> and has had some
> Kaopectate. I give pedialyte also. Mostly I try
> to let him rest.
> anything I should try? Let me know. Say a prayer
> for him. He is in
> pretty tough shape.
> Thank You
> Terry
> i'm sure teddy bear will be ok. i think it's the
stress. pedialyte is great and maybe you want to mix
some baby chicken food with it. my kids (fuzzys) get
it whenever something isn't quite right. right now my
barney has insulinoma and i give him chicken broth
and the baby food. he lives for his treat. its so
funny to see him on the rug in my kitchen waiting for
it. good luck


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