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From: Star
Date: 2001-06-13 11:23:00 UTC
Subject: RE: [Ferret-Health-list] Vets please help -- Need opinions
-- is this ferret adrenal?

--- Dianna Saenz <diobrn@s...> wrote:
> I have a rescue I just took in and I don't know how
> old she is or anything.
> I believe she is a sable, she has some yellowing on
> the under fur, maybe a
> blaze. She is pretty thin, I noticed she has
> diarrhea, her vulva is VERY
> swollen. No other signs. But pretty definitive of
> adrenal. I am very
> much intrigued with the melotonin. Very easy to get
> and would like to know
> more about how it works. I read the recent post
> from Dr. Murry and I will
> try it, but would like to know more physiologically.
> What else should I do
> for this girl. There is NO hair thinning at all, no
> loss. Only the swollen
> vulva. I cannot afford to do surgery as I am
> getting married in October and
> just spent $500 on my other little guy that just
> passed away and this is a
> rescue, nothing mean but I just don't know anything
> about her at this time.
> I am very much going to investigate surgery after
> the wedding when money is
> more available but for now would like to at least
> try to help her. Thanks
> in advance.
> Dianna & The Animal House

I applaud you for taking in this little girl, and I am
glad you say you want to help her. But I have some
concerns with your post. Maybe it was just your
wording that was misleading or confusing to me. Please
understand I am not flaming or attacking you, but I am
concerned that you took in the ferret and do not have
the money to help her.

Has she been in to a good ferret knowledgable vet?
It could be an incomplete spay, an infection, or
possibly adrenal. Os something else.

I'm not a vet, but if her vulva is so swollen 4-5
months may be too long to wait for medical
intervention. I don't think the melatonin on it's own
is enough, I think it is meant to supplement other
medical care.

Where are you located? I'm in Illinois, and would be
happy to help you with this little girl. I'm not rich
by any stretch but maybe together we could get
something done. Contact me by private email if you'd


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