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From: TR1212@AOL.COM
Date: 2001-06-13 10:20:00 UTC
Subject: Insulinoma

One of my little guys has been diagnosed with the onset of
insulinoma. I was
told to give him supplemental feedings of chicken baby food with
yeast. After reading all the info on brewers yeast I deleted it from
food. He is not on any meds. My question. I have been reading about
all of
the duck soups others feed their little ones. I've tried three of
recipes that I've found and none will eat any of them. They all eat
pellet food - they eat Marshalls - and the only treat any of them
like is
cheerios. Two of them love the chicken baby food. One has a very
stomach and even licking a tiny bit off the spoon makes her start
gagging as
if she's trying to throw up. Do they need all of the other things
that the
duck soups have in them or are they getting what they need by eating
Marshalls and the baby food? I have a few more duck soup recipes to
try. I
will do anything for them and want to be sure I'm doing all that I
can to
keep them as healthy as possible. Any input would be greatly
Thanks so much,
Tiffany, Oscar, Slinky and Cindy