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From: katharine
Date: 2001-06-13 17:38:00 UTC
Subject: RE:Vets please help -- Need opinions -- is this ferret

Dianna wrote:
<What else should I do for this girl. There is NO
hair thinning at all, no loss. Only the swollen
vulva. I cannot afford to do surgery as I am
getting married in October and just spent $500 on
my other little guy that just passed away and this
is a rescue, nothing mean but I just don't know
anything about her at this time. <

Please get this little girl to a vet. You need to
get a definite diagnosis for her. She may be
adrenal, in which case I personally think October
is way too long to wait to deal with it. And,
what if another financial burden comes up before
then? Her adrenal surgery could be delayed even

She could have an ovarian remnant. Or, she could
be in heat. Unless you are positive she has been
spayed, that is a possibility. I just recently
took in a little one myself who was in heat. I
had her spayed within a couple of weeks. If she
is in heat, and it's not dealt with, she could
very well die by October.

If you are unable to get her the proper medical
treatment, you may need to look for a nearby
ferret shelter willing to take her. I'm not
trying to be harsh but this little girl needs
proper medical attention now, not when (or if) the
money becomes available. If you will post where
you are located, perhaps there is a shelter in
that area who can take her in and get her tended
to. Your heart was in the right place but she
needs medical attention NOW.

This is another opportunity to bring up the high
medical costs we incur with our animals. I am not
picking on you, Dianna. This is just another
example of how important it is to make sure you
can afford the animals (any animals) that you take
in. Vet care is expensive but very necessary. I
still don't know how some people can take care of
the huge number of ferrets they have but that's
their business. Each person has to make a
personal decision when to quit taking in animals
or they will all suffer.

I spent right at $4,000 on my ferrets at the vet
last year. I had 4+1-1-1+2 ferrets during the
year last year. Started the year out with 4,
added 1 rescue, lost one to lymphoma, lost another
one to lymphoma, added 2 rescues. Get it <g>. At
any rate, my ferrets cost an average of $800 each
or $600 each, depending on how you do the math.
This year, so far, I've spent around $2,000 and
have added another rescue. I swore I'd stop at 4
and now I have 6. In the next few
days/weeks/months: Champ needs bloodwork
(frequently, due to his renal failure) and, of
course, his ongoing medications; Lany has two
growths which need to be removed (she's prone to
mast cell tumors; this will be done on Friday);
and Cedes is beginning to look adrenal. These are
the known upcoming procedures. Lord knows what
else may arise.

Enough preaching. Just please, please make sure
you can properly take care of animals or get them
to someone who can.