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Date: 2001-06-13 17:35:00 UTC
Subject: Sick Baby ferret - Second Post

I was wondering if a vet could give me some feed back. I have a 3
month old ferret who had subtle things which worried me. His coat
was a bit on the sparse side, he seemed to drink a bit too much,but I
could only measure the amount consumed in his cage up to 100cc, he
was out a good part of the day and drank from bowls around the house,
some things seemed to tire him easier than I thought should. His
cage has a high door which seemed to exhaust him even when coming out
to play, but other times he had a lot of energy. Last Wednesday he
was examined again. His heart was too fast, his tonsils and spleen
enlarged,a low grade fever, 39.9, and blood in his urine. A urine
culture and slides, and blood were sent off. Unfortunately the lab
had a problem with the blood. He was put on clavamox right away.
The culture did grow something which was sensitive to clavamox. I
brought him back today. His temperature was normal and his tonsils
and spleen seemed ok. However, the first time my vet measured his
heartrate it was 240. This was after spending the day there with me
and I woke him up for his exam. My vet waited a bit and measured
Mikey's heart at 170. He wants me to bring Mikey back next Wednesday
to take his urine after being off of the antibiotic. I think he also
wants to recheck his heart, as he talked about the possibility of an
ultrasound. I am worried. Could this just be stress or the bladder
infection causing all of the problems. We are not off to a very good
start. I have had Mikey for a total of 3 weeks.
Any insights would be greatly appreciated.