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Date: 2001-06-13 20:53:00 UTC
Subject: I'm at a loss here

Ok Bugsy is getting over ECE. I thought I was getting somewhere when he finally started to
eat something. I've been syringe feeding him for two months. The vet has tried everything that
he can think of to get him to eat but the last two weeks Bugsy has decided he's not going to eat.
I have been giving him Science Diet A/D. Saturday he went into this thing where it was like he
was paralyzed and a kind of seizure thing like my skippy did when she had insulinoma attacks
except she didn't act paralyzed. So I gave him some sugar water thinking he might come out of
it but he didn't he just got worse. The vet said just keep pumping fluids into him. (he's not
drinking much on his own either) Well Sunday he was back to normal but I was scared there for
awhile. His stools are still very runny.
Today he is starting in on this seizure thing again but I have been making sure he gets at least
20 ml of water every time I feed him (which is every 3-6 hours depending on the time of day). I
stopped getting up at 3 am to feed him when he got better on Monday because it's wearing
me out.

The eating thing has been on and off and it's never really enough. Both the vet and I are at a
loss and he can't figure out anything else to try. Bugsy is 5 years old next month.

He's ok otherwise just skinny and sleeps alot.

Someone please offer some advise.