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Date: 2001-06-13 23:42:00 UTC
Subject: Slimey Poops

Hi I am new to the list. I have 2 ferrets, one I just took in from a
Rescue. The other is about 20 weeks old.

The one I just took in has diahrea. I have read about ECE, but
well ... I am hoping it's NOT! The white one had just finished her
quaranteen so I didn't go ahead and do another one when she arrived

This afternoon I noticed she had runny, no form, poop. It was a
light tan, maybe little yellow. Well, off to the side of the light
tan watery mucus, was one spot of green. Well, my heart sank.

I have been through ECE. I had it about 5 years ago with a little ol
runt ferret. He was my boy, he's crossed the bridge now. I'm hoping
this is just maybe stress of the move or something.

I posted somewhere else that she wasn't lethargic. Well, maybe she
is for herself. I have only had her about 48 hours. She isn't
abnoxous like my little guy. He's a terror for 3 hours and an angel
the rest of the day. She has laid in the hammock and gets cold very
very easily.

Please help. I am open to any suggestions you may have.

Thank you!