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From: RRC
Date: 2001-06-14 01:18:00 UTC
Subject: Bob C: Offline for the weekend

I'm off to my niece's wedding....I hope the weather is calm or there
might be a hundred or more wedding guests leaning over the railings of
the Clipper City, feeding the fishies. I need to remember to bring extra
film in case they do. My niece has already warned me not to discuss
politics (especially the current administration) or to goad people into
debate by making purposefully inflammatory statements (an affliction I
have been accused of having). Apparently I am encouraged to engage in
the topic of naval history, which I guess is about as benign a topic as
possible considering who Sarah is marrying. Hummm, I wonder if anyone
would be interested in discussing how present veterinary practices in
the USA are an indirect result of US naval polices prior and just after
the Revolutionary War. Too boring? Maybe all I'll talk about is how some
of the ships in the Continental Navy had ferrets aboard to do the
mousing. Hey, I can discuss in great detail the naval histories of all
the USA ships officially named Ferret, not counting some interesting
histories on a few ships unofficially given the name.

I'll answer any points on current debates (and maybe try to fire up a
few more of them on a couple of other inflammatory subjects) when I
return next Tuesday. If anyone is at the National Zoo on Sunday, I'll be
the short guy in the loud Hawaiian shirt, hiking shorts and boots,
surrounded by people who obviously stepped off the plane from California
(they will be the well dressed ones wearing sandals and complaining
about the humidity). If not, then I'll be at the Library of Congress
Monday, wearing similar dress. THAT should be easier to spot!

Bob C