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Date: 2001-06-14 11:59:00 UTC
Subject: 7 Year Old Prolapsed Rectum Help Needed

Hi List.. I have a little Girl. Going on 7 years of age. Has had this
Prolapsed rectum just about her whole life. Brought her to vet about
3 years ago for shots, check up etc and asked about rectum.(I only
just found out that it was not normal at the time) He gave me some
kind of cream in a tube (cant remember what it was) and told me to
apply twice a day and stop all treats. I did it and she licked the
medicine off and wiped it on the rug as soon as it was applied. I
brought her in last year for adrenal surgery and she also had nodules
removed from her Pancreas. She is in Very good health. The question
is.. Last night she went to the bathroom and she kept rubbing
herself on the rug, Way more than usual. I picked her up and her butt
was sticking out farther than I have ever seen it and there
definitely was some blood there. Is there anything I can do to help
her? I doubt she'd be a surgical candidate at her age if surgery
could even fix it. 10 minutes later it went back to the way it always
looks but She has to be in pain from this, it hurt me just to look at
it. Is there anything I can do at home? It may have been aggravated
because they stole a box of treats and God only knows how many were
eaten before I found out, because 3 out of 4 of them had Diarrhea, so
it was a good amount. I just hate to think that she may be in alot of
pain. Since this has been this way for about 6 years, Can something
be done?

Sharon McLaughlin