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From: alicia
Date: 2001-06-14 12:52:00 UTC
Subject: possible adrenal or spay not complete

I have a 3-4 year old female that we got about 5-6 months ago
from some friends. She is a M.F., which isn't her fault but I
still don't think too highly of them. Anyway, about 3 weeks
ago I noticed that her vulva was swollen. We took her to the
vet who did some blood work. She didn't get enough for an
estrogen reading for the lab but the white blood count and all
that was normal. We can either take blood again or do
exploratory surgery to see if she is adrenal or what. I saw
Dr. Williams article in this current Modern Ferret Magazine
and at least know cause of this that we should act and not
wait around. Has anyone else had this type of experience
before? Should we go ahead with the surgery, take more blood
to get an estrogen reading, or what? Thanks in advance. Any
help is much appreciated. Alicia and Miela