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From: rebecca klein
Date: 2001-06-15 00:05:00 UTC
Subject: Balding Ferret!

I have a 3.5 year old albino male ferret. He's
one of my five and since the day we took him
home, he's had really bad fur. Not itchy or
infected skin or anything. But he has really
really thin fur. He always has and our
Ferret-Wise Vet checks him often and says he's
suffering from "perpetual bad-hair-itis". :) We
suspected this was the case! But now that the
weather's changing and all of my other babies are
shedding some unwanted winter fur, he's now BALD
ON HIS BACKSIDE! From the middle of his back down
to the base of his tail! And I've noticed
blackheads on his tail, too. Should I worry about
the blackheads? He's eating as well as can be
expected..he's never been a big eater...he eats
only to survive and this bothers me but we can't
do much about that the Vet says. He just doesn't
ENJOY eating but eats heartily when he's hungry.
He's drinking plenty of water and his sleeping
habits havn't changed. His poops are normal, too.
Is my boy just folically challenged or should I
rush him to the vet (have the car running, pet
carrier in hand, waiting for a response)!

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