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From: Renee Rider
Date: 2001-03-01 10:36:00 UTC
Subject: Re: skin and thin fur spots

Okay... I know that cats and ferrets are not the same... But, I was
wondering, because we actually just took our cat to the vet for what sounds
similar. Behind her ear, on her ankle, and on her belly, she had these
really thin patches. It didn't look quite like she was bald, just like
someone had taken a clipper to her. The vet said she was probably stressed
and over grooming herself. (The areas I mentioned are same ones I usually
see her grooming.) She gave her a steroid injection. The hair is growing
back. Also--when she had these bald patches were when we had visitors stay
at our house for a week or so, which probably did stress her out as much as

So, I was wondering if your ferret could be stressed. Has anyone ever heard
of a ferret over grooming or anything like that?


> >As soon as I can I will get a picture of her. For now this is the
> >only way I know how to put it. They are small spots around the size
> >of a dime to a nickel. The hair is very thin in these spots. They
> >are on her underside and back. She doesn't give any signs of pain or
> >discomfort. She is still bouncing and dooking like always. I hope
> >this helps a little bit better.
> >Thanks
> >Regina