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From: Regina Harrison
Date: 2001-06-15 11:07:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Adrenal Gland Tumor

> From: "Steve Forte" <spforte@i...>
>Subject: Adrenal Gland Tumor
>>How long should I expect a female spayed free roaming well fed ferret to

Well, my female spayed free roaming well fed ferret is six years and eight
months and going strong, although she is living with insulinoma now. She
had adrenal surgery about a year and a half ago, which would have made her a
little over five, and came through it with flying colors, with no recurrance
on the other adrenal. While any surgery has its risks, surgery is
considered the most effective solution for adrenal disease. So if your
three year old is generally in good health apart from the adrenal tumor, I
would go for the surgery.

The hardest part with post-surgical care with any ferret is keeping them
calm and caged, and this will be exacerbated with a free ranger :)


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