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Date: 2001-06-15 12:26:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Weight Problem!

--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., Americangirle3@a... wrote:
> My Husband and I rescued a ferret about 2 months ago, and the
little guy was
> a beef cake. I bet he weighed about close to 2 pounds. He
couldn't even
> stand on his hind legs. Anyhow, we have recently moved, and he has
> weight. I mean the weight loss had begun before we moved but
recently we
> have noticed the weight loss more. His previous owner had him in a
one level
> cage, and never let him out to exercise. We were wondering if it
is normal
> that he has lost so much weight due to all of the exercise he gets
> around and playing with his sisters? Or should we be really
> Though, we can't take him to the vet like anyone else can.... Due
to the
> fact that we are in California, and you all are our only hope. I
hope to
> hear from you..:)
> Warm Fuzzies,
> Margie Joseph, Kodi Kujo & Klaire

people, please...this list is NOT a replacement for vet care! this
list is an enhancement for hands on vet care. no matter how
qualified, well educated and knowledgeable the vets on this list are
(yes indeed they certainly are) you can't expect them to be able
to "work on" your critters in cyber space (that's why we send dr.
bruce samples ha) you can and should take him to a vet regardless of
where you live. vets in california are allowed to treat ferrets
without fear of punishment, your only concern is getting him there
covertly. if you plan to keep ferrets sans vet care then someone
outside of california needs to rescue YOUR ferrets!

huff puff...ok...that said...2# is a small male. perhaps you meant
another number? is he so fat that the fat is interfering with leg
movement? if not, i would suspect lack of excercise could be behind
his trouble walking, but you must also factor in his age and complete
health situation. is he very aged and perhaps has insulinoma? that
could explain hind end weakness. overall, while you may expect some
weight loss for a critter who was obese due to inactivity and is now
active once more, you must determine if his weight loss is the
healthy shedding of ounces or wasting from other troubles. no matter
what this critters' history is, get him to a vet for review!!