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From: Stephanie
Date: 2001-06-15 13:09:00 UTC
Subject: [Ferret-Health-list] Weight Problem!

You can very well take them to the vet!! I'm in Cali and have
a few vets to choose from and I'm in a somewhat rural area.
Email me privately so that I can help you find somebody in
your area.

with Maggie, Bullwinkle, Shasta, Emeline and Icabod
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Sent: Friday, June 15, 2001 1:58 AM

My Husband and I rescued a ferret about 2 months ago, and
the little guy was
a beef cake. I bet he weighed about close to 2 pounds. He
couldn't even
stand on his hind legs. Anyhow, we have recently moved, and
he has lost
weight. I mean the weight loss had begun before we moved
but recently we
have noticed the weight loss more. His previous owner had
him in a one level
cage, and never let him out to exercise. We were wondering
if it is normal
that he has lost so much weight due to all of the exercise
he gets running
around and playing with his sisters? Or should we be really
Though, we can't take him to the vet like anyone else
can.... Due to the
fact that we are in California, and you all are our only
hope. I hope to
hear from you..:)

Warm Fuzzies,
Margie Joseph, Kodi Kujo & Klaire

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