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From: Michael Janke
Date: 2001-03-01 09:24:00 UTC
Subject: Dr. Kemmerer/cryosurgery

>From: "Jaclyn" <jaclynv@e...>
>Subject: Re: Intro and dilemma
>If things need done with either boy and they can wait
>a month, I will have Dr. Weiss do the surgery
>(surgeries.) If not, perhaps I can go to Gainesville.
>Isn't that where Dr. Kemmerer is? I've heard good things
>about her. Does she do cryo surgeries?

Yes, Dr. Kemmerer is just outside of Gainsville. I don't know if she does
cryosurgery. If I recall correctly, she does microsurgery and is able to
remove the right gland completely. Her email address is weah@a...
and her clinic's website URL is

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