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From: rebecca klein
Date: 2001-06-15 15:08:00 UTC
Subject: Balding Ferret and some Clarifications

Hi, Yvon! thanks for the info. I think maybe I'd
better clarify a couple of things since I got
private emails from a few members accusing me of
bad ferret care, poor nutrition and a really bad
vet! Those emails are another issue altogether!
Firstly let me say that I am very aware of
adrenal malfunctions and of the symptoms. I have
a vet appointment this afternoon but the reason I
wrote last night about Rumpstein's thinning fur
is because I am wondering what other causes for
this there could be.

Now, let me address the less than polite emails I
have received today. My ferrets and my husband
are my life. I have a small shelter with good
ferret nutrition supplies and a very good vet. In
a situation like this, I am trying to function at
work while I am crumbling inside, afraid of what
fate awaits my Rumples. I do NOT believe it is
necessary to write insensitive emails to me about
my "lack of care" in a situation like this. I'm
stressed and worried sick enough as it is.
Please, if you don't have anything encouraging or
informative to say to me right now, do not write
to me on this subject.

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