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Date: 2001-06-15 15:58:00 UTC
Subject: Chlor Palm for use in ferrets?

Hi everybody,

Well, Zora the rubber eater has been at it again. One trip to the
vet for x-rays and reassurance later we have a nicely recovering (
seemingly so anyway ) girl ferret who is a little sleepy stressed
right now.

The story: Last night I noticed her vomiting after eating a few
peices of food. While we were trying to figure out what was wrong I
remembered pulling her favourite thing to steal out of the cage a few
days ago, the calculator. Upon checking it I discovered it is
missing a button. Bingo! Now we now why she was vomiting.

So this morning ( no point going to the emerg. the doctor on duty
doesn't know ferrets )we took her to our vet. Wonderful vet.

He took x-rays ( and while she was on the table she had a little
poo, yay stuff was getting through! ) with no visible peices of
rubber showing on the film. She had stopped vomiting this morning.

So long story short my question is this. She has likely passed the
button whether in peices or whole we are not sure. Did the poop
check but didn't find anything significant. Her intestines are
inflamed probably due to trauma. He prescribed Chlor Palm, an
antibiotic. It has some pretty negative sounding side effects
although they don't sound too common. The one I'm worried about is
anorexia. She is only one pound ( she's a little girl ). Is this
the drug you would prescribe? And why does she need an antibiotic?
He gave her a shot of something ( can't read the receipt and my SO
took her in while I went to work ) looks like "Depo" ?? for the

He suggested hand feeding (normal kibble) and hand watering for
twenty four hours ( I assume to make sure that she is eating and
drinking and not vomiting ) OR could it be because of the drug that
was prescribed?

He is open tomorrow morning so I can call him but I thought maybe the
vets here could answer in the meantime before I give her her first

Thanks in Advance and sorry it was so long!!!!

Meighan and the Rubber Eating Girl Zora! With Xena too!