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From: TR1212@AOL.COM
Date: 2001-06-15 12:16:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Camicide ??

Not sure where you live but I do know that Sears has a pest control
where they do not spray anything. They put a powder substance behind
plates, and I believe a sticky substance on pipes under sinks. It is
a very
small amount but you would want to keep your fuzzies from under
there. They
use this procedure because most bugs come in our homes by crawling
up pipes
etc. We've used it for several years now and it has worked great. I
there are other companies that do the same thing. Call around. DON'T
put your
little ones at risk by spraying anything near them and most
definately not in
their cage!
Best of luck!
Tiffany, Slinky, Cindy and Oscar