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Date: 2001-03-01 07:29:00 UTC
Subject: Meeting in Ohio and request for help.

Please forgive the cross posting.

The next Northern Ohio Ferret Association meeting is Tuesday, March 13 from
7-9 at the Broadview Hts. Rec. Center. (More details will be posted on our
site: The theme of the meeting is "Tips, Tricks and
But here's the catch, and where I need you guys' help. I'm asking you to
submit to me all your favorite ferret tips and tricks or ideas about toys you
can make at home. You know, stuff like "My ferret's favorite toy is a big
towel and to be pulled around the room on it." Stuff like that. One of my
favorites is: "When your ferret has the hiccups, let them lick a little
Ferretone off your fingers to get rid of them - - - the hiccups, not the
ferret." But you do need to watch this tip. I swear Tripod fakes the
hiccups just to get Ferretone.
I do have a tip/trick list of my own. But I thought it would be fun and very
informative to compile a BIG one. Plus (bribery) everyone that contributes
will receive a homemade, laminated ferret bookmark and one Grand Prize winner
(picked randomly) will receive a ferret collage mouse pad. The finished list
will be put up on our website, as well as sent out in next month's NOFA email
newsletter. Send your tips to ohioferret@a... by Friday, March 9th to be
included and don't forget to send your snail-mail address so I can send you
your bookmark.

Thanks in advance,
Lana, Jeff and the fuzzbutts

(Moderators Note:
Please notice, tips and tricks should go to the address in the post "ohioferret@" and not be posted to the FHL. Also, cross-posting like this is encouraged, not all of us get all the lists so no apology necessary)