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From: Dovie Reynolds
Date: 2001-06-15 20:06:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] just a reminder that fleas aren't
just aninconvenience

> Sad, isn't it, that in this day and age a pet can die
> of fleas when there are so many easy-to-apply products
> that kill fleas?
> Katherine

Which products do you recommend (other than Marshall Farms -- I hate MF and
will not send them a penny ever!)? My mother is a dog groomer, so I've seen
some animals in pretty bad shape due to fleas and ticks (one pregnant cocker
spaniel that needed a transfusion comes to mind), but I read somewhere that,
for use on ferrets, an anti-flea or tick shampoo/spray/dip, etc. must be
safe for use on kittens. I haven't even been able to find anything safe for
use on adult cats. My mother had a type of flea shampoo a *long* time ago
that was made from orange oil that was safe even for puppies, but I would
hesitate to use even that. I've seen adult dogs take a flea dip fine 9
times, and then the 10th dip sends them into seizures, so I don't even like
to dip dogs. I've only seen one flea on my ferrets ever, and so I bathed
all of them immediately with regular shampoo and changed all their bedding,
soaking the old bedding in scalding hot water. I haven't seen one flea
since (or any flea dirt -- when your mom is a groomer, you learn what to
look for), thankfully, because I couldn't find anything safe for ferrets at
the local pet stores.

Dovie (the human)
Ariel, Aramis & Copernicus (the ferrets)
Mischief & Furrble (ferrets remembered with love)