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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-03-01 13:12:00 UTC
Subject: Adrenal again?

> Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 18:40:13 EST
> From: kfor651676@a...
>Subject: Re: Digest Number 19
> Thanks Dr. Williams for responding to my post about Ellie and her swollen
>vulva after surgery. It is bad news if her right is also affected. Our vet
>said the right adrenal was so small he could barely see it. My other adrenal
>girl ended up having two separate surgeries to remove both and it was
>horrible. She was I guess one of a few who required hormone replacement and
>nearly died. Thank heavens for a phone consult with Dr. Weiss. She has been
>on DOCP injections and we are now weaning her off after about two years. She
>is five and going strong. I am terrified to put Ellie through another
>surgery, especially so soon, and I don't really have another $600 on hand at
>the moment. Her vulva also has a slight discharge. I don't know anything
>about Lupron, but I guess I better find out. Can anyone e-mail me with the
>basics and I will start my research. Is it dangerous for her vulva to be
>swollen? I know it's not good, but do we have time to weight our options?
>Will it affect her urination?
>Thanks Everyone!

Females do not have a prostate so the large risk is not there. We
have seen an individual who had a bad vaginal infection have a bit
of trouble just from the swelling, and certainly if she got a UTI
that could affect her ability to urinate.

Personally, we try to avoid having surgeries close together. If this
were our ferret and we knew that it was a simple adrenal neoplasia
that had been removed we'd likely do this: try a round of
antibiotics to see if it might just be a (lucky) vaginal infection as
opposed to an (unlucky) adrenal problem, have the Tennessee Panel run
after a while (leaving enough time for normal reduction of estrogen
levels -- according to vet's recommendation of time frame). IF those
levels show a problem or if the antibiotics don't work then we'd
weigh with the vet rather to start Lupron for bit and then operate
after she had time to recover, or just give a bit more time before
the second surgery.

Exactly what sort of growth was found when pathology was done would
affect our choices to and might entirely switch how rapidly we
respond or how we respond. Was pathology done? What did the report
say the growth was?

If it was just a standard neoplasia,then in one of our's we'd give
some time before adding on the stress of an additional surgery. If it
was a malignancy that might well alter our approach away from all the
things mentioned above, depending on the pathology report details and