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From: Joy Galey
Date: 2001-06-15 22:17:00 UTC
Subject: Health Question

Hi all, I have been on the list for awhile now and you guys help me
through one crisis in our home when my fuzzie's got colds and I wanna
say thanks again. I have been reading all the discussions on the list
about problems that could happen with ferrets like, ECE and adrenal
disease etc. I have a questions what are the symptoms for ECE? I have
read what people say about it but I'm lost on what to watch for. I think
I have read their stool is runny and looks like green slime. It is the
only thing I remember reading. If I'm wrong I am sorry.

One of my boys has got me worried. I caught him going out of his litter
box today and when I went to clean it up I noticed his stool was very
soft compared to normal. Its not runny or just liquid buts its not
normal. I also notice it kinda had this white spot in it. It looked
like grease does after you use it and it cools down and turns solid.
When I cleaned it up with a paper towel I kinda looked at it before I
threw it away and it didn't look white any more but it still wasn't
normal. I checked their pans and find no more and when I noticed he went
to the bathroom a little bit later I didn't see anything that looked
like it did that one time.

My questions are what are the symptoms for ECE. Would this be one of
them or the start of something? I also read off here new ferret could
bring it into your home. I got a baby about 3/4 months ago and she
wasn't sick or hasn't been sick. Can a ferret carry the disease without
going through it are having the symptoms at all and give it to another
one before ever showing the signs of it. I didn't know about things like
this and didn't know I should have kept her away from the others. She
herself still is healthy.

My friend also has gotten a new baby (his first) and its has been in our
house. He has had her for 4 weeks now. She isn't sick and showing no
signs of anything. How long would it take for a ferret to catch this off
another ferret? I mean how long would it before signs are showing up?

If he does have this what is the treatment for it? Am I looking into a
hug bills from the vet and is it going to be a life changing thing for
him and me?

Besides that he is normal. Nothing has weird with him. I just don't if I
should worry. He's also my noisey one. He can get into things faster
then anything I have seen. He has a bad habbit of getting into my trash
cans no matter what I do. He did get into it today before this happened.
But I didn't see any signs of him eating anything and even check the
trash to make sure nothing was chewed on and found nothing touch so I
don't think he got anything but I can't be 100% sure.

Any help on what might be going on would be great.

Sorry so long