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From: WhipStaff Ranch
Date: 2001-06-15 23:40:00 UTC
Subject: Herman drank a Coca Cola!

I am worried about my ferret Herman!!! He is a one
year old neutered hob. He was on his daily excercise
playtime with my dogs and cats. There was an
emergency outside, I had to run out real quick. When
I came back in, Herman was on my mom's sewing table,
greedily lapping Coca-Cola out of her glass!!! He was
clearly enjoying it, but I got scared that it might
hurt him!! I took it away and he got real upset,
cause he really liked it. But I know that pop is not
good for people, let alone ferrets. Does anyone know
if this will cause any harm to him? He seems ok, but
you never know! He had pnumonia and had been abused
when I got him, and weighed only 1/2 a pound and was 6
months old. He is now a hefty 3 1/4 pounds, and my
vet says he is in great health! And my vet is well
versed in ferret medicine.

Herman is fed Iams chicken kitten chow, both dry and
moist. He is also given small tidbits of broiled
steak, chicken, goat, lamb, turkey, duck and his
favorite, rabbit. (I am a farmer, so have lots of
meat, lol). He gets hairball paste once a week, and
ferretvite paste vitamins everyday. He also gets a
Pounce cat treat occasionally, and he sneaks dog food
once in a while. (Iams Sensitive skin). So I think
he is doing ok otherwise. But I am just scared that
he might get sick from the Coke. If anyone has any
ideas, please let me know!!

Thank you all!
Peace love and light
WhipStaff Ranch and Rescue

If you consider that we cannot save them all,
and what difference does one make?,
you ought to know the joy of the one who is saved.
Mourn those we cannot save, it is a eulogy to their being.
Do not let their loss be in vain.

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