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From: rosie contessa-yudelson
Date: 2001-06-16 02:07:00 UTC
Subject: Potential Paw Problems????

Hi guys-
I'd like some of your opinions on some conflicting info...I am having this
GREAT cage made for my babies, it's a HUGE castle- I can hardly wait to get
it! My concern is the floors and levels, which are made of (cage)wire. Maybe
I'm a bit prissy, but, I'm afraid it will be uncomfortable for my kid's
feet. I'm afraid that they will develop callouses and other issues with
their little feet. Will they be at risk for develping problems with the pads
of their paws? Are my "fears" founded, or are wire loors more common than I
think???? I have had a cage that the levels plastic and shelf like.-Most of
my ferret buddies cover the wire over with carpeting and such for their kids
and have advised me to do the same, others have said not to worry-what do
you think????

Best to All,
Rosie & the Kids

"3 Dogs, 2 cats & 5 ferrets-who's got it better than me? Gosh, I'm one lucky

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