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From: katharine
Date: 2001-06-16 08:21:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Vets Please: Non-Surgical Treatment for Adrenal

After reading Dr. Williams' response to my post, I
realized that I wasn't quite clear. A CBC was not
run to determine whether Champ has adrenal
disease. The CBC was run as part of his routine
treatment for renal failure (as in, what's wrong
this week <g>). Doc just said that there might be
some signs in the bloodwork which would guide us
on whether to run the UT test, since Champ is
exhibiting no classic symptoms of adrenal disease.

That said, Champ's in-house CBC came back really
weird. There were a couple of slightly high/low
things but the major things used to determine
kidney function all came back as if his kidneys
are functioning totally normally. For this
reason, Doc decided to send it to their outside
lab for a second opinion. He said their machines
were working just fine but Champ's blood work has
him perplexed. He should call me today (Saturday)
with the lab results. He also drew urine to do a
sedimentation test.

He is continuing the Tumil-K and Cimetidine. The
epogen injections will now be done once every 2
weeks (was once a week). The little booger still
won't eat anything except soup and only in my
lap. I never see him drink a drop of water
either. Of course, he's getting 80ml of lactated
ringers every day plus the Pedialyte in his soup.
Guess he just isn't thirsty.

Lany came back with three bald spots with
stitches! Doc found another place starting and
went ahead and removed it. Two of the three just
looked like little sores but one of them had been
there for several weeks. The second one is the
one I didn't even know about. The third was a
disgusting skin-tag looking thing. The first two
were sent to pathology. Results should be back in
a week or so.

I'll try to get the both of them back on course
and then focus on Cedes who I'm sure will be my
next adrenal candidate.