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From: alicia
Date: 2001-06-16 08:23:00 UTC
Subject: adrenal surgery/treatment - vets please help

I wrote earlier about our female having an enlarged vulva and
my vet thinking exploratory surgery is our next step. Our
female has a swollen vulva but no hair loss or anything else
yet, and the blood work shows that she isn't anemic yet
either. She treats ferrets, has the ferrets, rabbits, and
rodents book, knows ferrets, but has never done this surgery,
but is more then willing to learn about it first. She is
reading up on it and asking more knowledgeable vet friends
about it who have done this surgery. For my piece of mind, I
wanted to ask here what the basic step for treating a possible
adrenal ferret are. I have been reading all of the other
adrenal posts and some talk about a test to see if the gland
is cancerous, others talk about hormone therapy after the
surgery, while others talk about the adrenal cancer returning
sometimes. Please educate me on the basics, if you all can,
this is a scary disease. And, I would like to know that we
are doing everything we can, you know. Alicia and Miela