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From: Linda Iroff
Date: 2001-06-16 09:59:00 UTC
Subject: second post: chronic nephritis

I was asked to forward this by a friend.

Linda Iroff
Oberlin OH
Hi Linda,

Thanks for posting this on the list for me. I am cc'ing Dr. XXX in case I
get anything wrong or he wants to add something.
I would like all medical responses to also go to him at
[email me at linda.iroff@o... and I will forward email address to
any vet who wants to correspond directly with Dr XXX] instead of me. But i
can easily print out or
forward the responses. That way, the technical experts can talk
directly amongst themselves. I'm an engineer, not a veterinarian. I
believe he is in Saratoga Springs the rest of the week.

Xena is about 6 years old. She has lost almost 200g body weight
since her last weighing two years ago, when she was at 500g. Dr.
XXX diagnosed her with chronic nephritis, based on bloodwork.
Her potassium is too low, her creatine and phosphorous are too high.
He has not had a chance to do a urinalysis yet. As I understood, he
wants to lower her phosphorous levels through a medication called
'Calcitriol' This is his first case of nephritis in a ferret, and he
is unsure of the correct dosage. He consulted a specialist, but the
specialist did not know, either. His best guess so far is 1 ng/day.
That's nanogram as in 10^-9 grams. (A really small number!) He is
also interested in hearing about any other alternatives to lower the
phosphorous levels.

There is another medication involved, but I can't find it in my
notes. I think the other medication had to do with correcting the
potassium. The plan is to also monitor potassium and adjust dosage
as necessary. Any advice and experience would be greatly

Phil Eisermann
(H) (mazer@i...)
(O) (peiserma@r...)