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Date: 2001-06-16 08:13:00 UTC
Subject: New ferret and what to do at vet's office

Hi everyone: (DR. Williams are u there?)

Thanks so much Dr. Williams for your advice on treating Bandit..when I get
back from vacation I'm going to suggest that this vet run the TP panel. I
know he has said in the past that he doesn't believe in running the panel and
prefers not to, I will have to really insist that he does. I have no other
way of really telling if Bandit has adrenal tissue left over-well obviously
he does or he wouldn't be alive. I guess I have to find out if his hormone
levels are within normal limits or if the adrenal is overproducing. Do I
have the right understanding here???

I have a new ferret Fief purchased in Feb of this year and I would like to
know what kinds of baseline tests should I have the vet do??
Fief already got his distemper shot but I didn't have the rabies done is that
OK? He doesn't go out-all though the cats do they have their shots.
Fief is very playful with my older one Bandit and often jumps on top of him-I
wouldn't exactly call it mounting but just wondered if this is normal
behavior. I watch them closely and Fief for the most part is gentle seems to
know when he's hurting Bandit?? Do you think I should have TP panel to see
if he's OK- I know you said there is no other way to check for Adrenal
Disease except Clinical symptoms-which I haven't seen.

Thank you,

Oh one last thing anyone out there have DR. Weiss's e-mail address or his new
phone# I really need to get in touch with him.

Thank you,