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Date: 2001-06-16 09:44:00 UTC
Subject: Jonesy

It's Sue again with problems with Jonesy. He is the ferret who had
insulinoma surgery to remove 3 large insulinomas back in Feb.
Almost died,
dehissed and had to be put back together again on the day of
Adrenals looked ok according to surgery vet. Called and asked her if
she had
looked behind the adrenals and she said not she would not have done
so if the
front looked ok.
Well, he was doing so-so. Not gaining any weight, and lost all his
hair, but
had energy and was finally eating on his own. His weight has gone
from 4.1
pounds in 1998 to 1.8 pounds this June.
On 6-1-01, his blood sugar did another drop. Tested at 54. On
6-1, his
hind legs would not hold him and they both fell to the same side
when he
would try to stand. Took him to the vet who "put him back together"
the botched surgery. Seems my car would just NOT turn into the vets
lot who
did the surgery (smart car huh?) Increased the Pediapred from
0.7mg/2x per
day to 3mg/day in 3 divided doses.

Anyway, his energy level seemed to be increaseing with the increase
Pediapred, his walking improved, and his eating remained good.

He is not doing well. Tonight his feet are back to white (they used
to turn
white with low blood sugar), he wants to stay in his sleepy sack
rather than
come play. Ate his Hills AD really good tho. Still eating his
kibble as
well as Hills AD.

He is ALL skin and bones (little hair on his head, but that is
starting to
come off now too). He has no more body fat to lose, is now losing
We tried Proglycem before and he can't tolerate that drug.

The vet I took him to this time thinks if we can get his blood sugar
up he
will be ok.

I went and had a blood sugar and CBC ran yesterday. The results are
WBC 3.9
RBC 5.41
HGB 10.4
HCT 27.9
MCV 51.6
MCH 19.2
MCHC 37.3
SEG 85

His feet are still white, body cool to touch, eyes dull, lacking
walks ok but stumbles occasionally, eating good (small amounts but
frequently, no weight loss in past 2 weeks (remains 1.8 pounds). On

Pediapred 3mg/day in 3 divided doses, urinating ok, stools loose &
brown with
foul odor and lots of gas (green last night after stress of blood

Can anyone tell me the normals of the CBC? The results sheet the
vet gave me
just has dogs, cats and equines on it.

Also, is Revolution for kittens safe for ferrets?