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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-03-01 13:50:00 UTC
Subject: making a ferret sling when mobility is impaired

Here is a trick that often helps with quality of life: make a panty
hose sling. Choose the pair based upon your height since you will
use them more if you don't stoop. If household members are different
heights just color-code personal slings by buying a variety of
colors. place one foot of the panty hose flat on top of the other and
sew them together to make the hammock for the ferret's belly. Then
roll down the top and sew it together to make a handle. Place under
ferret's belly and take walks together inside! Don't be surprised if
the ferret tries to run so you may have restrict that in some cases.

Of course, you first should try to find the cause; it may well be
able to be cured.

In ferrets which have terminal disease, or handicaps these can be
exceedingly loved aids.

Ask your vet first.