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Date: 2001-06-16 14:49:00 UTC
Subject: diazoxide and proglycem-same thing?

Hello, I just took Stinky in for his BG test this morning after
being on Pediapred for two weeks and his level has only gone from 2.3
to 2.6. Not very good. But he is a lot more active. The vet says
she wants to put him on Diazoxide but she can't get it here and is
having it courriered from Toronto. I live in Vancouver. That seems
odd to me. Anyway I was wondering if Proglycem is the same thing and
maybe she just doesn't know it by that name and maybe we could find
it here. From the posts i've read it's really expensive and adding
courrier costs isn't going to help. Any information would be greatly
appreciated. Thank you Ellen