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Date: 2001-06-16 23:25:00 UTC
Subject: Re: diazoxide and proglycem-same thing?

--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., eander6363@y... wrote:
> Hello, I just took Stinky in for his BG test this morning after
> being on Pediapred for two weeks and his level has only gone from
> to 2.6. Not very good. But he is a lot more active. The vet says
> she wants to put him on Diazoxide but she can't get it here and is
> having it courriered from Toronto. I live in Vancouver. That
> odd to me. Anyway I was wondering if Proglycem is the same thing
> maybe she just doesn't know it by that name and maybe we could find
> it here. From the posts i've read it's really expensive and adding
> courrier costs isn't going to help. Any information would be
> appreciated. Thank you Ellen

proglycem is the brand name for diaxozide, like tylenol for
acetominophen (sp? egads). i have used diaxozide exclusively due to
the high cost of proglycem. i believe proglycem is approximately
$130.00 US per month, while the diaxozide has been for me
approximately $13.00 US per month, per ferret (i have always ordered
for multiple, perhaps saving a bit o' money). i order from a
pharmacy in florida who compounds the mix on order. not all us
pharmacies carry/stock/will compound the diaxozide, or so my vet told
me back in the day when we first ordered from this pharmacy in
florida. i have no idea if this pharmacy in florida will do business
in canada, but i do know they're quick!