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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-06-16 11:46:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Adrenal Gland Tumor

Server down for over 24 hours now. Don't know quite when will send this.

>I have a 3 year old Marshall Farm female. Six months ago she began
>to loose hair at base of the tail and her vulva enlarged. Two
>months ago her hair began growing back, but vulva still enlarged.
>Now she has times of uncontrolled urination. Seem to be typical
>Adrenal Gland Tumor symptoms. She is a free roamer, fed high
>quality Ferret food, and is currently very energetic.
>I've taken her to a vet who says: I could expect surgery to be only
>70% successful in permanently curing this problem because there are
>several things that could cause these symptoms (e.g., left, right or
>both glands, size of tumor, able to remove entire tumor, etc).

I don't see where you get the 70% figure. Only about 15%, if memory
serves of the figure that Bruce Williams gave, wind up with both
adrenal glands affected, but even then surgery can usually be done
very effectively. Yes, some will not have a benign growth, but if
our experience is at all normal we have had only two like that in 19
years and one of those was completely cured by surgery and went on to
live another 3 and 1/2 years to the age of 8 and 1/2 (She also was a
farm ferret -- from Path Valley.). So, we typically have found
adrenal surgeries to be exceedingly effective, even at much older

> At 3 years of age, she is considered geriatric and I could expect other

More early middle age -- prime of life. Our MFs normally live into
their 7th or 8th years, like the ones form other sources, and a
friend, Anne Ryan, just lost on at the very ripe age of 10 and 1/2

>problems to start occurring."

It is not unusual to have age related problems begin at about this
age, just as with humans there is a tendency for various health
changes to begin anywhere from 35 to 50 and onwards.

>I don't want to put her through surgery if the odds are she will
>only gain a little in longevity.
>How long should I expect a female spayed free roaming well fed ferret to live?

With careful health care I'd expect sometime within the 7th or 8th
year for most. A good diet and loads of exercise also are great for
her longevity and health, BTW.

>Any advise?
>Thank you,