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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-06-16 11:47:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Weight Problem!

>My Husband and I rescued a ferret about 2 months ago, and the little guy was
>a beef cake. I bet he weighed about close to 2 pounds. He couldn't even
>stand on his hind legs. Anyhow, we have recently moved, and he has lost
>weight. I mean the weight loss had begun before we moved but recently we
>have noticed the weight loss more. His previous owner had him in a one level
>cage, and never let him out to exercise. We were wondering if it is normal
>that he has lost so much weight due to all of the exercise he gets running
>around and playing with his sisters? Or should we be really concerned?
>Though, we can't take him to the vet like anyone else can.... Due to the
>fact that we are in California, and you all are our only hope. I hope to
>hear from you..:)

Although it is illegal to own ferrets in California it is not illegal
to treat them. Use Google or something similar and try to find the
website for Ferrets Anonymous; I believe they keep a listing of
reputable vets in California who know ferrets.

Sorry. Server down for over 24 hours now. Don't know quite when will
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