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Date: 2001-06-17 13:29:00 UTC
Subject: Pediapred dosage?

First I want to say thank you to everyone who answered so promptly to
my question on diazoxide and proglycem. I have a gut feeling from
everything I'm reading that Stinky hasn't had a high enough dosage of
Pediapred to really see if it will work before going on to the other
drug. I'll give a short history:
May 11 - BG 2 ultrasound shows mass in abdomen. Put on
pediapred .25ml twice daily
May 14 - Exploratory surgery, mass removed, turns out to be extra
spleen tissue and biopsy on pancreas is benign. In other words
nothing found.
May 15 - BD 3.8 off pediapred
May 17 - Back at vets, lethargic BG 2.2, back on same dosage but vet
wants to wean him down to once a day.
May 30 - Insulin test and BG 2.3.
June 1 - Insulin test shows high levels and put back on pediapred
twice a day.
June 15- BG 2.6

Even with this very low reading Stinky hasn't had a seizure at all,
he'll only eat his kibble crushed and mixed with water and most of
the time I have to spoon feed him. He hardly drinks water from his
bowl. He has gained weight and his coat is beautiful and he does
have his playtime in the morning where he is almost like he used to be
but that is the only time. My vet is afraid of the damage being on
pred will do and does not want to increase the dosage. The bottle
says 5mg/5ml and like I said he only gets .25ml twice daily. Maybe
I'm wrong but that seems low and I think he should get a higher dose
and give it a chance. I think there are more complications from the
diazoxide from what I've read. I've tried to tell her about some of
the things I've read on here but she isn't very responsive to it. I
guess I'm at the point of looking for another vet, but if she is
right I would like to know. I have a sister and my father dying right
now and am a little on edge to say the least so I don't want to do
anything drastic, but I want Stinky to have every chance possible.
Thank you for all your help. Ellen