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From: Dianna Saenz
Date: 2001-06-17 15:49:00 UTC
Subject: Need Help, would like DMV opiniion


I have two rescues I took in about 2 weeks ago. One, I wrote
previously about with the possible, probable adrenal with the swollen vulva
that is a MF fert. But the other initially seemed healthy and I weighted
her in at 1 lb and 11 oz. Well that was about 2 weeks ago and since then,
she seems slightly slower than the others, doesn't run around and play, I
saw her walking today and her rear end, just slowly fell to the side and she
just laid there for a little bit. Then she got up and walked again. I have
not seen her run and she just seems very sluggish. She has a nice coat,
clear eyes, but they look sad (hope you have an idea what I mean). I have
weighted her every few days and she is dropping an ounce here and there.
Yesterday I pulled her out seperatly and gave her some soft mushed gravy
type whiskers cat food. Just to make sure she was eating. She ate about
4-5 tablespoons and seemed OK. Also about a week ago I started getting her
on the same regimen as my other guys giving her the ferratone about a dime
size every day to everyother day. At first she didn't like it so I didn't
think she was getting it before. But now I can get her to eat it. I
noticed some of these sluggish symptoms an such since then. Now of course I
am thinking insulinoma. I have seen her sort of "look thru me" and she just
doesn't seem right. I don't know how old she is, but I do see tarter on the
incisors around the gums and a few of the back teeth as well. She will just
let you hold her, and pet her and she will fall asleep. She sleeps more
than the others. I timed her breathing and she had 21 breaths per minute,
what is normal. I am going to listen to her heart tonight and I was
thinking of using an accu check to check her blood sugar, can I just poke
one of her pads like humans do their fingers to get a small blood sample ?
I have an appointment for Tuesday when I am taking all 5 to a VERY
knoledgable ferret vet that does surgeries and such and is recommended by
the shelter and where they take all their fuzzies. I gave her a 1/2 & 1/2
water to Gatorade mix of 10 cc today. What else should I watch out for and
make note of to tell the vet when I take her in. I did catch a fecal that
she went this afternoon, I put it in a baggie and I plan on taking it on
Tues, is 48 hours refridgerated to long to do a sample on ? Any advice or
suggestions welcome. I don't want to take her to the emergency clinic as
they don't usually have ferret knowledgable vets there and I think as long
as I keep a close eye on her and make sure she is eating and going to the
bathroom and getting fluids I should be OK for 48 hours. Sorry so long.
What do you think? Would really appreciate hearing form one of the DMV's on
what I could tell them if I were their client. Thank you in advance. Oh
and by the way when I weighted her today she was 1 lb 7 oz, so a 4 oz loss
in 2 weeks. That is why the kitty food .

Dianna & The Animal House