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From: Sandy Adams
Date: 2001-03-01 14:01:00 UTC
Subject: ferret turning red with insulinoma..

Hi all..

First post here I'm in Oklahoma with 32 ferrets.. 13 over 5 years of age..
and 3 with insulinoma.. 2 more at the bridge that died of it.. and all of
them when they are in or going in to a low blood sugar episode get very
flushed/bright red noses and skin..

If my Cassieandra is out playing now (7 yr old female returning adrenal so
mostly nekkid little girl and on 1 ml pediapred morning and night) and gets
herself stressed she immediately turns bright red and if i don't react i'll
very soon have a ferret having a low blood sugar episode..

Sandy & The Adams Family Ferrets