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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-06-17 22:45:00 UTC
Subject: Re: vet costs

>It does seem that medical costs for ferrets runs very high. In my
>guestimation it's probably due to a couple of factors:
>1) the location of your vet (what the market will bear)

YES! Location has a lot of effects. We live in one of the most
expensive areas in the nation (in North Central NJ); our little 2
bedroom and 2 bath condo could now be sold for around $200,000
despite many tech jobs being lost around here and our annual property
taxes are around $3,000. Businesses like vets offices, groceries,
pharmacies, etc. have to work such expenses as well as a living wage
for local costs for the vets into what they charge. It all rolls
together to make costs higher here than in cheaper locations.