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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-06-17 23:39:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Camicide ??

>Not sure where you live but I do know that Sears has a pest control program
>where they do not spray anything. They put a powder substance behind outlet
>plates, and I believe a sticky substance on pipes under sinks. It is a very
>small amount but you would want to keep your fuzzies from under there. They
>use this procedure because most bugs come in our homes by crawling up pipes
>etc. We've used it for several years now and it has worked great. I know
>there are other companies that do the same thing. Call around. DON'T put your
>little ones at risk by spraying anything near them and most definately not in
>their cage!
>Best of luck!
>Tiffany, Slinky, Cindy and Oscar

Ah, that sounds like they might be using Boric Acid powder behind the
switch plates and Tanglefoot glop on the piping. You could
alternatively buy those products (at a grocery store plus a gardening
nursery, or hardware store) yourself for less than $10 together, to
try and see if they work. It's entirely possible that they are doing
something else, but this may be worth a try. We have a balcony
railing that was assembled without an end plate on one said and
Tanglefoot keeps the yellow jackets from setting up in there though
it destroys any cheap brush used to apply it. In our case we have ant
problems inside some years and have found that placing ant baits into
sink cabinets (since they tend to walk up the pipes) that have baits
that gets carried back to the nest have worked as well as or better
than the pros, though we sure used and appreciated the pros when
yellow jackets were eating through from a basketball sized nest in
our attic, and they were worth every penny for that.