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From: Sidsel L. Espersen
Date: 2001-06-18 03:22:00 UTC
Subject: Ferrets and fat

Does our pet ferrets need less fat than wild or pelt ferrets?
This sounds like rubbish to me, but the Danish Ferret Association claims
that this is the away to go, and a new danish ferretfood has been designed
to fit this. I've taken one look at that food, and that as well as the claim
seems to be rubbish. Grain as the first ingredient, only 6% chicken then
some fish and then follows a lot of not so good stuff.

I was also shocked to learn that the Danish Ferret Association claims that
there are no "experts" on ferret nutrition (sp!?) - and I thought of Bob
Church and his diet posts and it said nothing about less fat and more

Could anyone write something that would prove them wrong? I think they're
wrong, but that doesn't count as I have no real background with animals and
animal nutrition.

Oh, the food they so happily promote has only 11% of fat, just thought I'd
tell you, so you didn't think it was 17% or something.

Any help is as always greatly appreciated! :)

- Sidsel & da Gang O' Ferts feat.
Terrible Turbo Terror Tyson and Loke da Thief
~~~~~ ~~~~~