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From: Camille DeLacey
Date: 2001-06-18 13:31:00 UTC
Subject: Adrenal question

Hey everyone!

My name is Camille and i've been lurking since the beginning of this

I've got some adrenal related questions...

My 7 year old, male ferret has adrenal. He has taken Lupron for about
4 months, and started growing some more hair...I really can't afford
to keep him on it though. So, he's been off for about 3 months now.
He's losing hair agian, and has grown considerable weaker...He no
longer climbs much...and it does seem that his bowel and bladder
movements have changed... getting to be more frequent peeing and less
bowel movements...or less amount of poo for one bowel movement. He
still wants to get up and explore and play...

I'm just wondering what to expect as the disease progresses and how
to tell if he is in pain. He does already have tummy problems with a
recurring stomach upset from a bout of heliobacter which caused an
ulcer, which I tread with pepto from time to time...But he's still
eating and drinking very well...

I'm also wondering what would happen to him, if I adopted other
ferrets? Would he be susceptible to getting sick? I don't know if
he's ever had ECE because he's been an only ferret...

Any advice would be most helpful...TIA!

and Roscoe the ferret!