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From: rebecca klein
Date: 2001-06-19 10:55:00 UTC
Subject: ShelterMom and Timmy's Tonic

Hi sheltermom! I'm not sure if that Timmy's Tonic
post was for me or not but I'm replying anyway!
:) I haven't gotten the Tonic yet. However, long
before I even considered it I consulted my vet.
She told me that "It probably won't cure him, but
it won't hurt". Now, knowing my vet the way that
I do...she didn't want me to get my hopes up
considering that earlier in that day I was
standing in her office, cradling my Rumpstien in
my arms, bawling my head off while slobbering all
over her exam table. There have always been
various schools of thought on the homeopathic
issue, as you know! Some more traditional docs
rely on modern medicine to fix what ails and
others rely on natural methods and some rely on
both. My Goddess of a Vet is very close to us and
to my babies. She knows us and them very well and
has done many, many ferret adrenal surgeries. Her
advice to me, similar to what you stated
yesterday, was "if you want to offer Rumpstein
some herbal remedies, why not buy only the ones
that you feel he needs and not completly
infiltrate his little body with all the ones he
doesn't need that are in the Tonic?" She told me
that I could give him small doses (she would help
me figure out the correct dose when I decided on
the herbs) of Echinacea and others. Soooo, that's
where I'm at in the way of the Tonic.

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