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From: Diana Ashton
Date: 2001-03-01 14:51:00 UTC
Subject: bi lateral adrenal

I have a friend that adopted from me about a year ago and
her little ferret mindy will be having her 2nd adrenal taken
out on the 12th. Our vet does not have the equipment for cryo
surgery but there is another clinic in town who does but he
has never seen the inside of a ferret and would rather not do
the surgery so he ofered the use of his equipment if our vet
scrubbed with him. My question is kind of two fold. What are
the long term effects of having the second gland removed and
is there medication that she will be required to be on and
the second question is, didnt Dr Weiss have a video made of
his cryo surgery and if so is it still available?

Diana and The Ferret Farm