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From: RRC
Date: 2001-06-19 13:31:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Herman drank a Coca Cola!

>I am worried about my ferret Herman!!! He is a one
>year old neutered hob. He was on his daily excercise
>playtime with my dogs and cats. There was an
>emergency outside, I had to run out real quick. When
>I came back in, Herman was on my mom's sewing table,
>greedily lapping Coca-Cola out of her glass!!! He was
>clearly enjoying it, but I got scared that it might
>hurt him!! I took it away and he got real upset,
>cause he really liked it. But I know that pop is not
>good for people, let alone ferrets. Does anyone know
>if this will cause any harm to him? He seems ok, but
>you never know!

As a loyal and vocal fan of Pepsi (they do NOT taste alike!), I have to
warn you that there may be serious problems drinking Coke products.
Using the same established and generally accepted rules of anecdotal
evidence used for most herbal products, and knowing Coca-cola is
immensely popular in the South, allowing your ferret even tiny sips of
the vile liquid is apt to create SOUTHERN ferrets! Oh, my! Just imagine
your worst idea of a Bubba, then put it on four energetic legs.... If it
was Classic Coke, then they will be Bubbas from the 60s, and you will
find them sheeting all over the place.

I've had an entire can of Pepsi dumped over and found a herd of ferrets
licking up the nectar of the Gods with no harm whatsoever. Well, except
for the fact the ferrets became super cool, highly intelligent and VERY
attractive to the opposite sex. When that happened, I just took them out
to places where ladies tend to congregate, like movie theater restrooms,
and was just glad to be there when the attraction started.

You DO realize that the cola nut and caffeine are two major ingredients
of Coca-cola, and they are derived from plants? That makes the drink a
herbal tonic! It can't be bad if it has the magical word "herbal" in it!
The sucrose came from either beets or sugar cane, which makes that
herbal as well! Cool! From now on, when I crack open a can of Pepsi, I
am drinking a herbal tonic made from juices extracted from pulped beets
or cane, cola nut extract, and the caffeine from decaffeinated coffee
beans. Health food!

Anecdotal evidence. Is there nothing you can't prove??

Seriously, a few sips will do no harm. Probably not such a good idea on
a long term basis because of the caffeine or if your ferret has blood
sugar problems, but nothing to worry about otherwise.

Bob C