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Date: 2001-02-19 19:15:00 UTC
Subject: Re: introduction/ early adrenal

Linda I'm stupified... and at a complete loss for words. You of all people
must be dying to know the exact cause of adrenal. If they are not MF,,, then
over breeding, etc that MF and others can do is a factor we can cross off.
Early neutering as you said can be crossed off. So what are we left with?
Viral triggers, diet, and light. Gosh then there are contigent factors....
for ex. suppose adrenal had rarely been heard of before the making of the
Fervac.... then all the sudden its as big as it is now.. then you would want
to look into that. I am not on the FAIML,,, and do not know about adrenal.
All I know is noone knows for sure, as you already know........and I think we
are all praying that someday we do know for sure. I'm sorry... that must
suck like nothing has ever sucked before to put out the expense of well bred
ferrets, waited for the neutering, and then put all your heart out into their
care to have that happen.

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