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From: Lynn Foster
Date: 2001-06-19 21:36:00 UTC
Subject: TImmy's Tonic

I read the missive from shelterferrets about Timmy's and
while the author has some very valid points about herbal
medicine it is important to remember how little we know about
the effects of this ancient healing method.
I can only relay to you my experience and I have found that
initial offering of Timmys diluted in water until it is a
light brownish colour was devoured by all the ferrets for
about two - three weeks and than it was like they had cleansed
themselves and the need was no where near as great.
Bill, my oldest ferret, was getting a hardened lower abdomen
and I was wondering if I was beginning to feel spleen
problems. After a month on the Timmys the gut has returned to
its softness. It could be a coincidence but I would rather
treat these anomolies with herbs first and surgery second.
The less invasive the better.
As with all important decisions regarding the health of a
beloved family member sometimes you have to have faith.
I highly recommend Timmy's Tonic as a method of preventative