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From: Maggie's Farm
Date: 2001-06-19 23:42:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] My pup ate ferret poop!

on 6/19/01 9:27 PM, rosie contessa-yudelson at om-mani8@e... wrote:

> Have you ever heard of this? If so, what the heck is in the GI tract of a
> ferret that would make my puppy sick??? Should I bring her into my Doc in
> the AM?????

Although none of my dogs has ever eaten ferret poop, you should see them go
after kitty poo.

Or see the barn dogs line up when the farrier comes, they eat the trimmings
off the hoofs. also knew some dogs that would eat horse poo too.

My riding instructor had to stop bringing her dog to the barn because she
would eat horse poo and throw up in the car on the way home.

And I do know that even in animals it is called pica.