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From: Beverly Greene
Date: 2001-06-20 14:37:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Snowball (ferret cancer)

Hello and thanks to everyone who responded to my message. Insulinoma was
also my gut reaction, a fact which I even mentioned to the vet. It was
even I who suggested, when I booked the appointment, that she be fasting
for the tests.

We are more than a little suspicious of a vet who would recommend surgery
just to "look around" for any animal, especially a ferret who is as old and
weak as our poor lil Snowball is. Also, we just didn't get the feeling
that she knew what she was doing, despite assurances that she was trained
to deal with ferrets. (Our previous vet, who gave both of our fuzzies
their shots and check ups less than a year ago, when they were both given a
clean bill of health, having moved away.)

We're going to ask for the blood tests results to be faxed to us so that we
can have a look at what was tested for (especially for the price we paid)
and what the results were. We're also looking for another vet to whom we
can take those tests and get a second opinion and whatever else she might
need. We just simply do not have the money to waste on "I don't know"'s
from someone who may not know what she's talking about.

Anyone who knows of a good vet for ferrets near New Westminster, BC please
let me know! We don't own a car and BC Transit is still on strike, so we
have to cab it wherever we go and would prefer not to waste too much money
on cabfare that we could spend treating our beloved Snowball. We're
currently looking into a practice in nearby Surrey which is reported by
other ferret owners to have 2 vets who treat ferrets and with whom they
have had good experiences.

Best wishes,


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