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Date: 2001-06-20 14:57:00 UTC
Subject: ECE. EE

Hi, I took in a ferret last week who was to be healthy. However,
she immediately had bad diahrea. Sometimes it was green, others
yellow. It was mostly a mucous.

I have been giving her pedialyte mixed with her water, fresh every
several hours. She hadn't been eating anything and started losing
weight so I force fed her by syringe, to side of mouth, Gerber's
Chicken stuff. I got her to eating that on her own and eventually
weaned her to my figner .. then to a spoon. I got her eating nearly
2 jars a day.

Well, yesterday morning it looked like she had eaten some kibble
(Shepherd and Greens Ferret food). Her poops were solid, but not the
snake like form, really looked like a tiny cow patty. Now today I
know she has eaten some of the Shepherd and Green, and her poops are
snakelike, light brown (almost golden) and have like little

She had lost weight over the first like 2 days here, but has since
gained it back .. and possibly a little more. She has lots of energy
compared to when she first arrived.

Well, I guess my questions are are the birdseed like stuff only found
in ECE? She was taken to one shelter to another, and then I met and
picked her up. She was also separated from her mate. So we thought
it might be EE, not ECE.

I know I am on the right track (atleast I believe I am). Any feed
back is appreciated.

Anyone got the contact # for Dr. Williams. If need be I will travel
and take her there.

Thank you in advance,